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Westwood Pearls

Echoing the theme of our Autumn-Winter 2023/24 Vivienne Westwood collection, which was shot between Soho, Peter Jones, and Sadie Coles’ gallery – our latest window display has been designed to evoke the nomadic lifestyle of travellers, gathering objects and materials on a never-ending journey. Following a universal perspective, we have drawn from the everyday spaces of our daily lives, reflecting a sense of nostalgia, belonging and home. The result is a display that combines eras, styles and cultures, where fabrics are merged in a clash of textures and prints. Accordingly, our windows will be decorated with duvets and pillows, made from eco-friendly materials, paired with three sets of duvet covers and pillowcases that follow the campaign concept and colour palette.

Westwood Pearls

In an effort to raise awareness around homelessness, all the bedding featured in our window displays across the UK, Europe & the USA, will be donated to local organisations, giving them a second life. These include Shelter in the UK, Le Refuge in Paris, La Croce Rossa in Italy, Path in LA and The Bowery Mission in New York.

We believe that having a home is a human right and support Shelter in the UK. With millions of people being devastated by the housing emergency, Shelter exists to defend the right to a safe home. Some of their recent work involves a campaign calling out the current government for its failure to unfreeze housing benefits, despite the housing crisis in the UK. As cited in a recent Shelter publication, ‘Every family deserves to have a home, somewhere they can not only feel safe, but thrive, but for over 275,000 families in England without a home this is not the case. Families are having to raise children in mouldy, damp, unsafe conditions.’

As well as Shelter, the other global charities we support include Le Refuge, which is the only organisation in France recognised as being of public utility. They offer temporary accommodation, with social, medical, psychological and legal support to young adults who are victims of homophobia or transphobia. We are also supporting Croce Rossa in Italy, who collaborate with other members of the international movement of the Red Cross, to disseminate International Humanitarian Law, throughout Italy and abroad. US-based associations we are supporting include the Path in LA; they help people find permanent housing and provide case management, medical and mental healthcare, among other services to help them maintain their homes stably, and The Bowery Mission in New York who have been fighting homelessness, hunger and poverty, since the 1980s.

Westwood Pearls