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Rewilding offers hope for the future of our planet – by tackling climate breakdown and restoring nature and wildlife, which are so vital to life itself. It embraces people, communities and their cultural and economic connections to the land. As a progressive approach to conservation, rewilding refers to the large-scale restoration of nature, to the point where it takes care of itself again, while taking care of us, as it has done for millenia. It repairs damaged ecosystems and landscapes, while enabling natural processes – counting rivers, weather, animals and plants – shaping both land and sea.

The Global Rewilding Alliance seeks to mainstream the idea of rewilding globally – to reconnect everyone with the natural world and tackle the extinction crisis and climate emergency simultaneously. Their 150-member organisations in over 75 countries are reversing biodiversity loss, supporting diversified economic opportunities and strengthening communities. The GRA is also publishing credible science that shows that rewilding is already helping to draw down million tons of carbon from the atmosphere, with the potential to do much more. The aim is to create positive change worldwide, bringing hope that we can address the climate and biodiversity crisis at the same time, by influencing decision makers to upscale rewilding efforts globally.

Rewilding Britain’s vision is to see rewilding across 30% of Britain’s land and sea by 2030, creating prosperous rural and coastal green economies – and better health and wellbeing for everyone. Its Rewilding Network brings together hundreds of rewilders across England, Wales and Scotland – these include community and local groups, alongside private landowners, charities, farmers and national parks – to inspire and support each other as they create a wilder, more prosperous Britain.


Echoing the theme of our Spring-Summer 2023 collection, Born to Rewild, we are supporting Rewilding Britain in the work it is doing to connect and support these projects and communities. During the months of April and May, we have hosted a series of events across our UK boutiques, inviting representatives of various rewilding associations to shed light on their causes. These include; Citizen Zoo in London, which seek to restore habitats to their functional states, Yorkshire Rewilding, who are bringing together anyone in the region who has an interest in rewilding, by sharing knowledge and organising events, Derbyshire Wildlife Trust, who focus on several wellbeing projects, notably working with children and families to ensure everyone is given access to nature in their daily lives, Tir Natur, who focus on raising funds to buy land and restore biodiversity for natural carbon cycles in Wales, Scotland: The Big Picture, who established the Northwoods Rewilding Network to work with communities and other landowners to commit more land and water to rewilding, and who also work towards returning missing species, such as the lynx, to their original habitat in Scotland.


As part of the campaign, we are running a social campaign across our channels to educate and inspire our community around the positive effects of rewilding and how you can be a part of the action. To highlight this, we have transformed the window displays of our flagship stores into propagation houses for indigenous plants. We will then donate these plants to local rewilding associations, as our windows are changed over time. In giving the plants an afterlife, we seek to celebrate the essence of rewilding, which follows wildlife’s natural rhythms – to create wilder, more biodiverse habitats. Vivienne Westwood employees have also been actively taking part in a volunteer day at Citizen Zoo, who are working to bring beavers into reintroduction sites in London. Beavers are valued as ecosystem engineers, creating wetland habitats that can help flood prevention, sequestering carbon and providing water during periods of drought.

Get informed and involved by accessing resources available through:

Global Rewilding Alliance – who have a stream of inspiring documentaries, stories and more ways of getting involved including World Rewilding Day each March (this year’s theme was #RewildingHope).

Rewilding Britain – who influence changes to the law, provide practical information for rewilders and inspire people to take positive action for a wilder, more prosperous world.