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For well over a century, islanders of the Outer Hebrides of Scotland have woven the beautiful and intricate cloth known as Harris Tweed. It is the only fabric in the world that is protected by its own Act of Parliament, meaning that by law, the cloth must be made from pure virgin wool which has been dyed and spun on the islands and handwoven at the home of the weaver. From start to finish, the cloth is in the hands of skilled and experienced artisans who oversee every stage of production, utilising generations of knowledge to produce a product that is defined by quality and style. Harris Tweed is crafted by hand without the aid of automation or electricity, using natural materials. Vivienne Westwood first worked with Harris Tweed in 1987. The Autumn-Winter 1987/88 ‘Harris Tweed’ collection was instrumental in reviving its use as a fashion fabric and led to other designers using the cloth in their collections, giving a much-needed boost to the local industry.