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Our 2024 Bridal collection offers an ode to affinity – and what that means to the individual. Inspired by real people in Paris, the concept follows their intimate perspectives on the theme of companionship – in the climate of a radically evolving social landscape. As a testament to the affinity they may find in another person, place or memory, each couture gown serves as an extension of their internal world; the values, confessions and longings they inhabit. Captured through the lens of artist Kingsley Ifill, each subject is photographed in environments that resonate with them personally. Approaching the concept of marriage from an open perspective, artist Tali was photographed in her studio, posing in front of her own painting of a ghost-like bride figure. To her, companionship begins with one's internal belonging. “I love the notion of holding onto oneself for warmth, curiosity and wonderment,” she expresses. “Observing traces of the past and learning stories of history - to sense a connection with the spirits of those before us”. Accordingly, the Tali gown offers a gothic sense of romanticism, through a Chantilly lace hood, draped delicately across an intricate corset piece; an evocation of everything she embodies.

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For model Gaia, with her sons and mother Cecile – companionship and comfort are reflected in a multi-generational scene, pictured after the loss of her father. ‘Through death goes Life. It’s an inexplicable union,’ offers Gaia. ‘My mum is linked to my boys through the endless and unconditional love we have for my dad and for each other. Togetherness is what we have, and will always have, as a Family. Love is an endless grief.’ To dress her mother, Cecile, as a bride became a symbol of hope, recovery and renewal. Our bridal campaign also features stylist and DJ Eline, whose notion of companionship revolves around moments of love and its relationship to nature; writer and founder of Sendb00ks, Gemma, who reflects on her love of literature: ‘Imagination is the best thing in the world, so share it’; artist Brianna, who welcomes an alternative approach to marriage, stating, "I want a life partner; someone to share everything with - but I would prefer it without the contractual bound. It sounds scary, but I find it beautiful to know this person could get up and leave at any moment, yet they are choosing to stay and spend life with me"; or designer and friend of the house Yasmine Eslami, who chose her lingerie boutique as the location for her photoshoot. "Weddings are all about love,” she offers – “And Vivienne was all about love. That's what matters."

This year, our bridal campaign also showcases a series of menswear looks. For Gabriel, the notion of affinity leans more towards personal emancipation, as he finds comfort in a new city. Photographed in a nightclub, where he feels the most free, he confesses, "I found myself in Paris. I found a part of myself that I had not known – and now I embrace myself as I am; accepting both my femininity and masculinity. I'm very good with both." The Gabriel mini dress presents an elegant men’s corset with exposed armour-like boning across the torso. The look was crafted to reveal his tattoos of a sun and moon motif, symbols marking both his masculine and feminine sides. Lastly, creative duo Marco and Jordan were photographed in the private space of their shared home. On the effortless dynamic that exists between them, Marco expresses, “It's a pure process of love and creativity. We don't even need words most of the time." The sentiment is echoed by Jordan, who explains, "We share a necessity for experiencing joy together – almost a search, and a choice to find that."

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