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There are so many different new mini kilts in Worlds End shop right now that we just had to do a shoot with all of them together & what better idea than to get some of the many lovely women working behind the scenes here at the Elcho St office to dress up & show their legs! (the plots in the Carry On films of the 70’s were always vehicles for this after all).

The brief was to style themselves, the only stipulation being that they did not blatantly use other designer stuff (apart from my range).

First worn by Linda Evangelista for the A/W 93 ‘Anglomania’ collection in Paris; the same show that Naomi Campbell famously stumbled over in her blue Elevated Gilly shoes; the mini kilt has been a Worlds End classic for many years.

I asked the staff taking part if they would introduce themselves & write a quick something about the shoot, shop & kilts, so now over to Saoirse, Shop Manager Lise (who doesn’t have to write anything, she will sell you one), Rachel, Raffaella, Alba, Sophie, Dolce & Leliena.


Saoirse. I am the archive assistant here at Westwood, I deal with the running and maintenance of the archive, help with press requests and organising pieces for exhibitions. The archive deals a lot with all the other departments in the company which means I am constantly helping various designers etc looking at archive material. I studied fashion history so for me the archive is the best place to work, there is so much history here within its’ four walls. I had never actually tried on a mini kilt before this shoot, now I am totally in love with them – they fit well on so many people and I love all the various colours that they come in. The Worlds End Shop is a huge part of the Westwood company, it is a quintessential representation of the brand and the history that lies within it. I love the décor of the shop, there is nothing else like it around, especially in Chelsea. I haven’t bought much from there, but there is time yet!.

Raffaella – Fabric researcher and developer – mainly work with Andreas, Couture, Worlds End and special projects sourcing fabrics and trims. I love the traditional Lochcarron of Scotland tartan fabrics and patterns used for the mini Kilts. I also think that the length is perfect for casual and evening wear. The shoot was loads of fun; it is always nice to be included in the company’s activities outside Elcho Street. Regarding Worlds End, I feel really privileged to be part of a shoot for our first store, since so many great people in history have passed through its doors. Yeah, whenever I get the opportunity, Lisa is such a babe and I love seeing the vintage pieces of the Westwood label still being sold today.

Sophie, Digital Marketing Production Assistant

I assist in the Production of Shoots, Campaigns and Shows. The Mini Kilts are so much fun, Who doesn’t love a bit of tartan! …Just be careful on those windy days. The Worlds End shop is iconic, with such a strong history of British culture, politics and fashion. It’s the best place to go to find amazing unique and classic pieces.

Hi I’m Rachel, I work as a design assistant for the Japanese menswear. I LOVED doing the shoot with everyone it was my first time to Worlds End and it was a brilliant experience, the shop was as creative as its contents – unique and interesting. By the time we were finished shooting everyone was looking into ordering the Kilts they look great and are so versatile. Thank you, Ben, I had so so much fun!!!

Alba, Marketing PA

I think the Mini Kilts are an amazing, versatile item of clothing. It was fun rocking it! The World’s End store has a truly iconic history and it will always have a special place in the heart of British fashion and all fashion lovers!!

I’m Leliena and I’m a fashion designer here at Westwood. I think the mini kilts are great and it is a must have piece for every occasion. The shoot we did yesterday was super fun and I feel like I was part of a punk rock girls band! Worlds end is not only a shop is a fairy tale, I love shopping there.

Dolce, Archive Coordinator

“I deal with the every-day care of the archive that stores all collections from the earliest to more contemporary ones. I also coordinate projects involving archive material like exhibitions and special requests” “I love the mini-kilts! They suit cocotte-style girls like me” “I think Worlds End is a sort of institution in London, definitely a place to go for everyone who loves clothes and fashion. I love to shop there, especially if Lisa or Ray are there to assist my flamboyant requests”.

Although different tartans are normally associated with the identity of the Scottish clans, this is an historically more recent viewpoint. Different tartans originally were the product of local areas & not clans or families. It was common for highlanders to be seen wearing several different tartans at the same time.

The modern interest & culture of tartan began with the festivities created for the visit of King George IV in 1822, the first reigning monarch to visit Scotland for 171 years. His niece Queen Victoria promoted tartan even further when she purchased Balmoral Castle in 1848 & had it extensively decorated in the fabric. Tartan also took a shift over to women’s fashion at this time. Lots of new tartan designs were created & they are still being created, 14,000 variations being in existence today. Regarding tartan’s origin, evidence has been found in Celtic cultures in Europe 2,600 years ago. The earliest remains yet found in Scotland are 1,700 years old.