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Westwood Pearls

Sustainable Packaging

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According to the European comission, the EU generated an estimated 188.7kg of packaging waste per inhabitant in 2021.

This is why, from retail to hanger and pallets we are committed to using virgin plastic-free, recycled and recyclable packing.

Our main retail carrier bags and our jewellery boxes are made from 100% wood pulp, 40% of which is recycled. All other packaging, such as shoe boxes, is made from Remake paper. This paper is uncoated, and composed of 40% recycled pulp, 30% virgin FSC-certified pulp and 25% leather by-product (the remaining 5% is materials which bind the product together) and made in a factory which uses 100% renewable energy.

In order to reduce packaging waste, the sales staff in our stores ask all customers whether they would prefer to opt for a reduced amount of packaging or none at all.

All the paper and cardboard packaging shipped from our warehouse is recycled and recyclable. We have switched from plastic packing tape to a paper and fabric fibre mix and replaced plastic bubble wrap with recycled shredded cardboard. All the polybags for our Ready-to-Wear collections are made from 100% recycled and recyclable LDPE plastic.

In 2021, we introduced 100% recycled cardboard packaging for transporting jewellery from the factories to the warehouse, moving away from the virgin plastic alternative. This packaging, which is used for small items like stud earrings, pendants and bracelets, is produced in Thailand, where all our jewellery is made, to keep supply chains local and short.

All our clothing hangers for transportation are made from recycled polystyrene. We have an ongoing take-back scheme trial with our Italian supplier. Whenever hangers are not re-usable, those that are damaged can be broken down and recycled into new hangers. Pick-up for these used or broken hangers is organised when quantities justify the transportation. This trial currently only includes our Italian stores. We are looking into the feasibility of expanding this project to our UK operations and, if possible, worldwide.

We have launched a project to reduce wooden pallet usage between our Italian suppliers and warehouse by switching to Greeny Pack – an alternative solution for traditional pallets in recycled plastic, which is more durable and repairable. This means we are reducing the use of single-use pallets, as recycled plastic pallets won’t break easily and are not susceptible to bad weather conditions. This collaboration with Greeny Pack is proceeding with a specific amount of pallets rented. At present, this project involves a supplier of our accessories line. Currently, we are unable to expand this project further than our Italian operations due to limitations on quantities, though we are exploring alternative options.