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Each model’s make-up will express each of the 4 symbols My pack of playing cards, we’re releasing one a week, we started with the ace of spades. Everything’s connected, you can collect them like football cards; it is also a plan of action, a survey map. If we connect the dots, we can win the...
Dear Val, You will have seen the four images from the cards, heart, diamonds etc.. Yesterday we shot Alice Dellal here at the studio, representing each card. It might be a useful reference for the show - the next idea for the make-up could be to divide the models into 4 groups and allocate each...
"I have designed so many graphics over my years as an activist; so I put them on a pack of cards. U can work out my message when u play with them. Freedom = Free. World Economy what nature gives us free can't be privately owned. We need people power or we r only a PACK OF CARDS!"
Listen to what Robin MacAndrew, the founder of Artisan Fashion had to say at our 'Handmade with Love in Kenya' event at our 44 Conduit Street, London store. #WorkNotCharity
No. 6 Davies Street is our only boutique that offers a bespoke ‘made to measure’ bridal service within the UK. The store has provided this couture service since 1990, as well as offering the latest Vivienne Westwood ready-to-wear, Andreas Kronthaler and select jewellery and statement accessories.
We have teamed up with Fashion Revolution for their ‘Love Story’ campaign, asking you to share with us your special memories of a much loved Vivienne Westwood piece with the hashtag #VWxFashionRevolution. This is an antidote to fast fashion - “buy less, choose well and make it last!” - Vivienne...
Our pattern cutter, Iris came to visit us at our Studio and brought her two sons, Ammon and Hatto who may have just influenced Vivienne's future designs...?
"Reading is the most concentrated form of experience in your whole life. Every book, every painting, every work of art is a vision of a person, and that person has tried to concentrate and represent what they think about the world in an artistic form... If you want to get a life, if you want...
“The woman I design for is an intellectual and an art lover. Comparing one thing with another is the root of intelligence: looking at the past with today’s eyes throws light on the present. Knowledge of the world is her adventure” –Vivienne Westwood.
Spring is officially here and gardeners up and down the country are planting their seeds for this year’s crop of home grown potatoes, courgettes and peas. Beyond the confines of the home garden, The Gaia Foundation are embarking on an ambitious three-year programme to create an ‘ecological’ seed...