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Politicians are Criminals. Say CRIMINALS. Just keep saying it until it becomes automatic.

It will build awareness of the DANGER we’re in. These Criminals cause Climate Change. This means mass extinction of the life forms of our planet – including us. Soon we won’t be able to stop it. It will happen fast. Politics has been hijacked by criminals. Politicians! Let’s call them Criminals.

The campaign message is clear and is realised through checkerboard game knits, #PoliticiansRCriminals badges pinned to our models’ lapels and roulette wheels emblazoned across t-shirts – including our official backstage tee. Head to the blog to hear more from Vivienne about the campaign.

Alongside these powerful pieces, the collection conjures up a vision of English eccentrics enjoying a hot Mediterranean summer, with sexy swimwear inspired by the 1970s, lightweight fabrics, natural textures and prints influenced by British interiors as well as over-printed tartan, camouflage, florals, leopard spots and tiger stripes. Crisp summer tailoring in classic Westwood shapes plays with checks and stripes, while unisex knitwear is cropped, laddered, raw and ready to be pulled on when the heat of the day begins to cool.