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Made in Kenya

Through development and education within the programme, many of the artisans involved are now aware of the importance of their natural environment and are involved in activities aimed at improving, restoring or conserving the environment through tree planting and reforestation. The recycling of waste is also a key element to the project with the bag linings made from recycled second-hand clothes known as mitumba, and the hard elements and orb logos featured on the designer bags created from melted down and recycled metal found in the slums. This design element not only adds to the sustainability of the product, but also sparks education around the importance of recycling and reusing waste.

“Long before sustainability became a buzzword, Vivienne — a visionary and innovator — realized that exploring new ways to make fashion was a necessity. EFI’s collaboration with her has not been a one-off marketing campaign, but a long-lasting commitment based on mutual learning and a shared experience. According to our assessments on the ground, the Vivienne Westwood orders have provided work to over 2,600 people, and a direct positive impacted on over 10,000 people from their respective communities. Ten consecutive years of creating jobs and paying artisans a fair wage, and contributing solidly to the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals; this is something to celebrate!” -Simone Cipriani, Head and Founder of ITC Ethical Fashion Initiative

Made in Kenya

To mark this special milestone, a limited-edition tote bag and bucket hat have been created by the artisans in Kenya, with each piece screen printed by hand with the Westwood art and culture manifesto graphic Mirror the World. The graphic features doves and hearts in white, on vibrant scarlet 100% East African cotton canvas and is finished with a special 10 Year Anniversary Westwood postal stamp.

The ‘Made in Kenya’ accessories collections now form a fundamental piece of the Westwood DNA, having appeared in the brands global campaigns and seminal runway shows over the past decade.