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Shop Vivienne Westwood’s official collection of accessories for Women in our Hosiery and Tights collection. Pair with our designer shoes or staple pirate boots.

  • Knitted Jacquard Socks
  • Red Harlequin Socks
  • Scribble Tartan Socks
  • Green Harlequin Socks
  • Yellow Chain Striped Knitted Socks
  • Yellow Chain Striped Knitted Socks
  • Black Circus Jacquard Socks
  • Yellow Ribbed Stockings
  • Green Circus Jacquard Socks
  • Black Harlequin Socks
  • Grey Scribble Tights
  • Red Circus Socks
  • Red Triangle Jacquard Socks
  • Beige Scribble Tights
  • Black Triangle Jacquard Socks
  • Black Triangle Tights
  • Black Triangle Tights
  • Green Camo Bird Over The Knee Socks
  • Green Triangle Jacquard Socks
  • Green Camo Birds Print Tights