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Policy Statements

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Here are the policy statements that underpin our commitment to minimising our environmental impact and ensuring fair employment practices for people working in our supply chains.

This policy outlines our expected standards for employment and working conditions for all people across our direct operations and in our supply chain.

This policy outlines guidance for all partners around our approach to Modern Slavery and expectations around practical actions we expect them to take to combat it in our supply chain.

This statement outlines our progress to ensure modern slavery and human trafficking is not taking place in our business and supply chain.

These principles outline our standards in relation to the treatment of animals in all animal derived material supply chains used for making our products.

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This policy outlines our standards in relation to cotton sourcing, particularly the use of forced labour in cotton supply chains.

This policy outlines our approach to the management of hazardous chemicals with our supply chain partners. It is a work in progress as we are continuously developing our approach which is a combination of using materials with certifications and pushing for best practice more broadly with our suppliers.