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“I always wanted to be called Maximilian or Augustus. For a long time I did not like my name and where I come from. I wanted to come from somewhere like Rome. Today I’m okay with it all. This I want to express with the collection. I play with colours. Lust, desire, sex and even sadness are best...
The Vivienne Westwood Gaia scarf is handcrafted by master weavers in Nepal, working with FROM THE ROAD, an artisan-driven textile brand. This project is part of the International Trade Centre’s Ethical Fashion Initiative (EFI) - which connects artisans from marginalised communities to fashion’s...
Vivienne Westwood, Andreas Kronthaler & Juergen Teller open an exhibition of their work at the Vivienne Westwood flagship store over New York Fashion Week.
On 30th August, for the annual BBC PROMS 2017, American soprano Renée Fleming returns to join Sakari Oramo and the Royal Stockholm Philharmonic Orchestra for the shimmering ‘transformation’ music that closes Richard Strauss’s opera Daphne, and Samuel Barber’s Knoxville: Summer of 1915, a nostalgic...
In The Machine Stops, E.M. Forester identified industrialism as our enemy. It operates by getting everybody to consume, ever more unto death; it takes away human purpose.
Earlier in the year, some of you may have read the previous instalment Bumblebee queens and the quest for conservation which focused on the perilous journey of a bumblebee queen and the very beginnings of life in a bumblebee colony. This next instalment pays homage to her workforce of daughters;...
‘NINSDOL’ was first presented in the A/W 2005/06 ‘Propaganda’ collection and is an acronym for ‘Nationalist Idolatry’, ‘Non Stop Distraction’ & ‘Organised Lying’ & is treated as though it is a pharmaceutical brand name for a pill.
I lived on & off with Malcolm for 15 years from age 3. In all that time it was always clear to me that he would rather be on his own with my mother without having me (or my half-brother) around, therefore when he & my mum split up I was not too unhappy.
Each model’s make-up will express each of the 4 symbols My pack of playing cards, we’re releasing one a week, we started with the ace of spades. Everything’s connected, you can collect them like football cards; it is also a plan of action, a survey map. If we connect the dots, we can win the...
Dear Val, You will have seen the four images from the cards, heart, diamonds etc.. Yesterday we shot Alice Dellal here at the studio, representing each card. It might be a useful reference for the show - the next idea for the make-up could be to divide the models into 4 groups and allocate each...