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La Serenissima. The poetical nickname behind which Venice, one of the most eccentric cities in the world, hides its face. As if it were a metaphorical façade for the city of masks. There is no place on earth where everyday life is as much influenced by theatre as Venice. But the plot of this play...
Every year in April, Milan Design Week transforms the city into a hub of inspiration, packed with events, exhibitions and presentations. As part of the event, both of our Vivienne Westwood Milan stores - Corso Venezia and Porta Nuova unveiled a selection of works from the homeware design company ‘...
Meet Charles Saumarez Smith, the Secretary and Chief Executive of The Royal Academy of Arts. Read on as he discusses the upcoming "In the Age of Giorgione" exhibition and why Giorgione is so important to Venetian art.
Crossing the Grand Canal from one bank to the other on the traghetto gondola is like entering a world where time has stopped. Caressed and reflected by the water, the buildings are themselves mirror a way of living and thinking that is still inspired by a constant and direct dialogue with nature...
In the latest instalment of Westwood People, we head to our design room and meet the Womenswear designer Ela. Read on as she tells us about her design process, what inspires her and what it's like to work with Vivienne.
In case you missed the memo, Andreas Kronthaler has been officially named as the lead designer of what was formerly Vivienne Westwood Gold Label. Now renamed as Andreas Kronthaler for Vivienne Westwood, the shift was heralded at the AW16 Paris show with a light installation flashing the letters V.A...
Andreas Kronthaler’s foray into androgyny and cultural fluidity Buddhist nuns, Netherlandish painters, life in Tyrol and eccentric companions are the kind of polarised concepts one would expect in a collection by creative genius Andreas Kronthaler. Titled ‘Sexercise’ you’d be forgiven for...
This Collection Sexercise is a summary of what happened over the last few months. I built it as I went along. Sharon triggered my first impression. She has been Vivienne’s friend for years. She was her assistant at the time of Buffalo Girls and then she became a Buddhist nun.
Once again, I don’t feel I can spend too long bringing my Diary up to date – I shall be selective of the most important things. I need more time – for my fashion design. And to clear the way for an eventual block of time to see if I can manage to put together the idea I have for a play.
To envisage the best future, we must look to the past. The 15th century is where we lay our scene for Vivienne’s AW16-17 collection debut. The striking composition of angelic cherubs, circuitous court jesters and fluid elements of glowing light depicted in opulent paintings all set the tone for...